SERVICES Energy Management

We are experts in the design, supply, installation and operation of web-based energy management software to analyse, investigate and reduce energy waste within buildings. When used in conjunction with energy metering and integration solutions an overall understanding of the entire building performance can be gained thus providing performance data that can be analysed to determine a building’s environmental performance and utility usage. We provide pro-active, targeted advice including alerts of high energy usage including a report on the likely cause and compare BMS control regimes with energy consumption

Energy Audit

Our energy audit services establish the current energy usage, develop an understanding of any user issues and to provide a plant inventory. The energy audit is then reviewed in order to ascertain opportunities for energy savings and system enhancements to reduce lifecycle costs. During the initial energy audit immediate changes are often highlighted and can be made during the visit with the clients approval.Our energy audit services include BMS controls, lighting, air conditioning, ventilation, hot water, etc Pro-active action taken following an energy audit dramatically cuts energy usage.

A number of automated and semi-automated software systems are available in order to assist with energy analysis and reporting.


We provide fully functional BMS integration with 3rd part devices in order to allow multiple connected resources to share the same data utilising many different communication protocols such as:

MODbus / M-Bus / BACnet / LON / SNMP / KNX

There are many different integration solutions available such as:

Natural ventilation systems

Air conditioning equipment


Close control units


Fire alarm systems

Lighting control systems

Security systems

Access control systems


In order to implement a targeted energy management and reduction regime it is essential to understand where energy is being used and why. We are experts at providing intelligent metering solutions gathering real time energy usage and interpreting the results in order to reduce energy usage and reduce a buildings carbon footprint. Energy information gathered can be displayed in many ways including large display screens for education purposes. Energy metering solutions can be stand alone or integrated with the BMS system.


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